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Your skin will be smoother and softer the very first time you use the cream.

How it works

The cream gently breaks down the outer layer of dry dead skin to bring out the young skin underneath. An extract from pineapple does this lightly and naturally. An extract from organic aloe vera (inner pulp only, no aloe skin) and coconut hydrate the skin, making it soft and smooth. Vitamins A, C, E and B12 give the nutrition that skin cells need to rebuild and stay healthy. Powerful antioxidants from Brazilian açai berries and resveratrol then protect the skin from the effects of sunlight and chemicals. Scientists believe that such free-radical damage is the primary cause of wrinkles and premature skin aging.

Important Information: 

This lotion has no added fragrance and the light smell when applying it on the skin is from the natural ingredients in the lotion.

The smell will disappear in two minutes or so. 

This cream is highly nutritious for the skin. It is an ultra-repair with vitamins and anti-oxidants. 

It is stain free. 


"This cream moisturizes my face without leaving a residue. It has made big difference—my skin is so much more smooth and looks healthier!" G. G., California

"Works great for tired weathered, skin. Clean, healthy, healing. Works nearly as well, and priced better than expensive French lotions." O.D., California

"My skin is sensitive and allergic to many chemicals in other creams. This product is amazing! No skin irritation and my skin feels so soft and smooth" C.T., Florida

"My dad is doing chemotherapy and his lips and skin were super dry, his lips were broken and bleeding most of the time.
He had use other lotions but they just work for a couple of hours and his lips were dried again and bleeding. He used this lotion on his lips and what we saw was an amazing miracle. His lips stayed hydrated for the whole day and from there he is using this lotion and never more had broken lips. This is so natural and I recommend for wherever skin issues" M. M. Florida. 


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