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CHERRY C Tart Cherry Extract + Vitamin C Antioxidant Booster

CHERRY C Tart Cherry Extract + Vitamin C Antioxidant Booster

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Vitamin C has numerous health benefits. CHERRY C is made specifically for two of these: To protect nerve cells and boost the immune system.  

Vitamin C helps neutralize toxic byproducts in the cells' tiny “powerhouses” called mitochondria. These produce the body's energy and also generate most of the body's free radicals as toxic by-products. Damage caused by free radicals to the mitochondria in brain cells can trigger the development of cognitive problems. 

Vitamin C helps the body mount a vigorous defense against bacteria and viruses. It boosts your body's NK (Natural Killer) cells, which have been part of your immune system from birth. NK cells recognize any cell that does not belong to your body—bacteria, viruses, even your own cells that have mutated by infection or other changes—and neutralize it. Vitamin C increases both the number of NK cells and their potency.

Animals (with a few exceptions) make their own vitamin C. Human bodies lack an enzyme that converts blood sugar to vitamin C. A good rule of thumb is to take vitamin C twice per day. Start with one capsule at a time and increase the dose gradually.   

CHERRY C contains 750 mg of vitamin C from ascorbic acid and extracts from tart cherry and acerola cherries (natural sources of vitamin C). 

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